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BSc Computing Technologies (Extended Degree)

Course Overview

This BSc (Hons) Computing Technologies Extended Degree was created to provide you with a more supported route into undergraduate study as you begin your journey to meet the growing demand for technical knowledge. This programme is designed to provide you with a broad range of competencies and skills that are relevant to current and future job markets. The degree will equip you with an understanding of core programming and digital technologies, together with giving them an understanding of, and an ability to apply, systems design principles and project management skills.


The BSc (Hons) Computing Technologies Extended Degree is a four-year version of the BSc (Hons) Computing Technologies. It has been designed to give you the necessary foundations to successfully master your BSc. This programme aims to provide you with: A systematic study of the theory, principles and application of a wide range of computing technologies and systems. An analytical, computational thinking and critical thinking skills The ability to apply theoretical understanding to solve practical real-world problems in a creative, innovative and economically viable manner. A full understanding of the professional and ethical standards relating to computing technologies as well as the legal and social implications of technology use and development. Subject-based knowledge and skills to help you secure a graduate job in the fields of computing and information technology. Transferable learning skills to support ongoing educational and professional development. Therefore, this BSc (Hons) Computing Technologies will firmly prepare you to become a key asset in areas of growing demand. This course is ideal for those who require additional preparation before joining their undergraduate degree in Computing. The Extended Computing Technologies degree integrates Foundation Year, which provides students with a solid foundation in the skills needed for progression onto the BSc Computing Technologies programme.
Foundation Year
  • Fundamentals of Computer Architecture
  • Introduction to Computing Mathematics
  • Academic Skills Development & Ethics
  • Professional Computing Project
  • Fundamentals of Programming
  • Information Systems Development


Year 1
  • Discrete Mathematics & Algorithms
  • Web Engineering & Security
  • Introduction to Devices & Networks
  • User Experience Design
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Data Mining
Year 2
  • Mobile Application Development Technologies
  • Data Science for Developers
  • Cloud Computing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Project & Professional Issues
  • Advanced Network Design.
Year 3
  • Dissertation 1 (Research Methods & Skills)
  • Cyber Security
  • Internet of Everything
  • Interactive Systems Design Principles
  • Innovative Technologies & Entrepreneurship
  • Dissertation 2​ (Applied Project)

Entry Requirements

Level 3 or equivalent qualifications are desirable. European and other International qualifications are accepted. Offers are not solely based on academic results: Your skills, achievements and life experience are also taken into consideration. If you do not have any previous qualifications please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your application.

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