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LLB (Hons) with Foundation Year

Course Overview

The Introduction to Forensic and Criminal Investigation professional certificate course will immerse you in the law enforcement and forensic investigative processes using state-of-the-art technology, giving you valuable practical insight into real-life criminal investigations. This short introductory course consists of four modules that build off one another, taking you through the entirety of crime scene investigation in a logical and intelligible sequence. Beginning at the point of criminal activity and the scene of the crime, the course will guide you through the investigative process of suspect identification, arrest, interview, and providing expert witness testimony in court. Through the use of an immersive learning environment, you will be able to translate these theoretical principles to a range of real-world scenarios, giving you keen insight into the practical underpinnings of the investigative process. From this virtual world you will gain an awareness of the natural progress of criminal investigation, including the steps and communication strategies involved in each phase. Our LLB foundation course covers the key pillars of legal knowledge and takes you through the fundamentals of English Law and the legal system. Studying this course will enable you to acquire the knowledge and practical legal skills needed to succeed in a range of legal and non-legal sectors. You’ll start gathering the knowledge required for the new Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE 1), as well as taking an important step towards a Bar Practice Course if you wish to qualify as a barrister in the future. If this sounds like the course for you, all you need to get started is the drive and commitment to do your very best – and we’ll be here to support you the rest of the way.


The perfect introduction to your undergraduate studies, a law foundation degree prepares you with the skills you’ll need to complete your full degree with confidence. You’ll then progress to the remaining years of our undergraduate LLB to study the basics of the legal system and criminal law how to apply your legal understanding to complex real-life scenarios, where you’ll examine potential outcomes, solutions, and their impacts.
Foundation Year
  • Using Numeracy, IT and Data
  • Research Skills and Using Information
  • Values, Ethics and Working Collaboratively
  • Developing Academic Skills
  • Crime and Law in Context
  • Psychology of Everyday Life
Year 1
  • Foundation in Legal Skills
  • English Legal System
  • Criminal Law
  • Law of Contract
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Law and Ethics
Year 2
  • Law of Tort 1 – Tort of Negligence
  • Law of Tort 2 – Land and Other Torts
  • Civil Liberties and Human Rights
  • Law of Property
  • European Union Law
  • Pro Bono and Professional Practice
Year 3
  • Equity, Trusts and Wills
  • Law of Evidence
  • Legal Research Methods and Project
  • International Commercial Law
  • Family Law*
  • Employment Law*
  • Company Law*
  • Intellectual Property Law*

*optional study modules

Entry Requirements

Level 3 or equivalent qualifications are desirable. European and other International qualifications are accepted. Offers are not solely based on academic results: Your skills, achievements and life experience are also taken into consideration. If you do not have any previous qualifications please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your application.

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