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BA (Hons) Business Management

Course Overview

This innovative degree, designed in conjunction with leading industrialists, provides you with insights and understanding of contemporary business themes including entrepreneurship. The course equips you with vital business skills and provides you with an opportunity to practice them in both traditional and virtual business environments. In addition to your degree you will gain the highly sought after and widely recognized CMI Level 6 Diploma in Management and Leadership.


This course will equip you with the key business skills and knowledge needed to succeed in multinational organisations. We provide an in-depth understanding of all stages of the business management process, from conceptualisation to strategic evaluation. You’ll study a broad range of fields such as economics, marketing, strategy and human resources, and get the chance to apply your theoretical knowledge to real-life, up-to-date case studies. You’ll also hear from specialist guest lecturers, visit a variety of organisations and participate in online business simulations throughout your course. The University’s business incubator, Accelerator, will prove an invaluable resource for flexing your entrepreneurial muscles. You’ll have the option to visit the Accelerator facilities and to participate in sessions and competitions. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in work-based learning as part of your degree. This will give you real-world experience that will set you apart from other graduates when you enter the job market, as well as giving you the chance to put your newfound knowledge to the test.
Year 1
  • Digital Business Management and Emerging Technology (core, 15 credits)
  • Financial Accounting (core, 15 credits)
  • Learning Through Organizations (core, 15 credits)
  • Managing People in Organizations (core, 15 credits)
  • Principles of Management (core, 15 credits)
  • Principles of Marketing (core, 15 credits)
  • Understanding and Managing Data (core, 15 credits)
  • Understanding the Business and Economic Environment (core, 15 credits)
Year 2
    • Fundamentals of Project Management (core, 15 credits)
    • International Selling and Negotiation (core, 15 credits)
    • Leadership in Practice (core, 15 credits)
    • Organization Design and Management (core, 15 credits)
    • Creating a Winning Business 1 (alternative core, 15 credits)
    • Learning through Work (alternative core, 15 credits)
    • Problem Solving: Methods and Analysis (alternative core, 15 credits)
    • The Practice of Consultancy (alternative core, 15 credits)
    • Artist Management (option, 15 credits)
    • Company and Business Law (option, 15 credits)
    • Developing Inclusive Organizations (option, 15 credits)
    • Field Trip (option, 15 credits)
    • Marketing Communications (option, 15 credits)
    • Principles of Finance (option, 15 credits)
    • Risk and Crisis Management (option, 15 credits)
    • Sustainability, Business and Responsibility (option, 15 credits)
Year 3
    • Financial Decision Making for Managers (core, 15 credits)
    • Leading Innovation (core, 15 credits)
    • Practicing Business Strategy (with simulation) (core, 15 credits)
    • The Practice of Management (core, 30 credits)
    • Consultancy Project (alternative core, 30 credits)
    • Dissertation (alternative core, 30 credits)
    • Creative Media Practice and Music Business Models (option, 15 credits)
    • Marketing Communications in Practice (Context Fashion) (option, 15 credits)
    • Organizing and Managing Across Cultures (option, 15 credits)
    • Personal Finance (option, 15 credits)
    • Service Excellence for Creative industries (option, 15 credits)
    • Strategy in Tourism and Travel (option, 15 credits)

Entry Requirements

Level 3 or equivalent qualifications are desirable. European and other International qualifications are accepted. Offers are not solely based on academic results: Your skills, achievements and life experience are also taken into consideration. If you do not have any previous qualifications please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your application.

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