Loans for Masters degree

Loans for Master's degree

You may be able to get a postgraduate student loan from Student Finance England of up to £11,222 to help pay for a Masters degree. The money is paid to you and only needs to be repaid when you’re earning over £21,000 a year.


The UK postgraduate loan is available to UK , EU students, Permanent residents and Refugee status holders provided they meet the following eligibility criteria:



You can borrow up to £11,222 for a Masters starting in 2020-21

The money will be paid directly to your bank account. You can use it for Masters tuition fees or living costs, but there isn’t a separate postgraduate maintenance loan.
Payments are divided equally across your course and paid in three instalments per academic year.


To get a postgraduate loan your course must be a full postgraduate degree.

Full-time courses can take 1-2 years of study

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my course costs less than £11,222?

You can still borrow up to the maximum amount. The remaining money can be used for accommodation, living expenses or other things – it’s up to you.
What if my course costs more than £11,222?
The maximum you can borrow is £11, 222. Anything more than this has to be covered by yourself .

Can I get a postgraduate maintenance loan? 

Postgraduate loans are provided to help with tuition and living costs. There is no additional maintenance loan.

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