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BA (Hons) Criminal Justice

Course Overview

Shaped to give students an insight into the relationship between crime and social justice, this criminal justice course will help you better understand the causes, consequences, and prevention of crime from social, legal, political and personal perspectives. Are you ready for a career that is as rewarding as it is challenging? Are you looking to work in a sector that helps make a difference to people’s lives? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then our bachelor’s degree in criminal justice will take you on a truly rewarding journey of discovery. Most of us are directly affected by crime at some point in our lives, and crime is nowadays so often the focus of public debate. The presence of crime in our day-to-day lives leads to questions such as: How should society deal with criminals? What causes criminal behaviour? Can crime be prevented? If you want to explore these questions further, then our BA (Hons) Criminal Justice degree is a great place to start.


Students go on a real journey with this course, from understanding the theories of committing crime, to how crime is treated in the legal system. By giving you a solid understanding of both crime and criminal law, this criminal justice undergraduate degree will prepare you to become a self-assured, skilled professional who is ready to take on all manner of challenges in a job you love.
Foundation Year
Year 1
  • Effective Interdisciplinary Study
  • Crime & Society
  • Criminal Justice System
  • English Legal System
  • Criminal Law
  • Inequalities in the Modern World
Year 2
  • Research and Ethics in Action
  • Contemporary Debates in Criminology
  • Civil Liberties & Human Rights
  • Environmental Criminology
  • Policing and Police Powers
  • Abnormality & The Deviant Other
Year 3
  • Cybercrime
  • Youth Justice
  • Crime Prevention
  • Law of Evidence
  • Research Planning & Project

Entry Requirements

Level 3 or equivalent qualifications are desirable. European and other International qualifications are accepted. Offers are not solely based on academic results: Your skills, achievements and life experience are also taken into consideration. If you do not have any previous qualifications please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your application.

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