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Extended MSc Marketing

Course Overview

The Extended MSc Marketing course is an academically challenging and strategically relevant programme in advanced marketing study, with a particular emphasis on entrepreneurship. The course integrates the Graduate Certificate programme to allow entry for students with equivalent to a standard degree (third class, pass or ordinary). This programme is also available as Extended MSc Marketing with Advanced Practice, which includes either an internship or project. This programme has been designed as a bridging mechanism for students to progress from undergraduate to postgraduate study at Ulster. The integrated Graduate Certificate is a preparatory course that will provide you with a solid foundation in the skills needed for progression onto the MSc Marketing programme. Students, who successfully complete the three modules of the Graduate Certificate stage and achieve a minimum overall average of 50%, will be in a position to progress directly to the 12 months MSc Marketing. The programme is distinctive in exploring leading-edge thinking from scholarly sources, alongside a syllabus rich in the practical application of marketing. It has been designed in conjunction with senior marketing executives from the industry to address the strategic importance that companies must become more marketing focused and more professional and entrepreneurial in marketing practices.


Students will have the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and insight in the following areas: Provide an advanced study of business and management with a particular focus on Marketing Prepare for a career in marketing and business by facilitating the development of enhanced transferable skills necessary for marketing management at a variety of levels Ability to apply knowledge and critical understanding of marketing and business to complex issues, both systematically and creatively Critically evaluate the application and impact of marketing theories and concepts to practical marketing problems Acquire the skills necessary to conceive, design and implement a substantial research project

Entry Requirements

A third class, pass or ordinary degree, or equivalent

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