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MA Visual Communication Design (Management)

Course Overview

MA Visual Communication Design (Management), which is available as a fully online course, has been crafted to meet the demands of 21st century design thinking, business and beyond. This newly devised degree is unique in its focus and prepares you for emerging careers across sector. The course gives you the opportunity to bring your creative talent to the foreground, while learning vital modern disciplines of business aspects both within and beyond the industry. Accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), this MA is for future managers who will use design leadership techniques and apply design management strategies to drive innovation design and successful outcomes in their organisations. You’ll become an exceptional problem solver, with highly transferrable business skills that are of real value to a broad range of companies across diverse sectors.


The unique and non-traditional quality of this master’s course is reflected in the structure of your syllabus. Course modules in design thinking and practice skills, paired with communication design, will help you better understand and demonstrate the unique aspects of physical, digital, or conceptual design practice. Throughout your studies you’ll be encouraged to consider sustainability and how to reduce environment impact through design, emphasising the concept of ‘social good’ and how this can be promoted through visual design communication. Additionally, the course gives you the opportunity to formulate, plan, and creatively explore a self-initiated industry-linked project in a specific area of visual communication design management with which you personally identify.
  • Design Thinking and Practice
  • Design Management Practice
  • Emerging Communication Design
  • Collaborative Design I
  • Collaborative Design II
  • Design Professional Practice
  • Research Report

Entry Requirements

Standard entry onto the course takes place through a combination of portfolio assessment and evidence of a completed bachelor’s (undergraduate) degree at level 2:2 in a relevant discipline, such as: graphic design, multimedia and interactive design, visual communication, advertising and marketing, marketing and design, or IT. This list is not exhaustive, and previous academic qualifications are considered on a case by case basis. Non-standard entry Candidates who lack formal qualifications but possess significant, relevant experience will be considered on the basis of at least five years relevant work experience and a portfolio of work. The portfolio must consist of a minimum of 5-10 complete design projects that display design process and use of the full design cycle, with evidence of planning and research.

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